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‘In this piece of documentary dance theatre Dan and his team fuse movement  and sound with words and memories of their native collaborators to get to the heart of this beautiful, bleak and mysterious expanse of flat land and dig up.

Ours Was The Fen Country is a striking and poetic look at the disappearance of the small things from the voices of these who still know the old words’


‘Canham and his cast provide a living eulogy: harsh, bleak and richly beautiful’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘… Tilly Webber gives a particularly fine solo which I took to be an evocation of an eel….The movement was pure and heartfelt’
Total Theatre

‘….Tilly Webbers evocation of the old woman stuns : she’s crabbed and uncomfortable in her movements but also filled with constant motion, every limb floating and winding together like under water willow twigs’
Exuent Magazine

“Webber’s jagged and contained solo in response to an elderly interviewee’s statement ‘I daren’t tell you what I think’ takes the ominous tone of her words and expands it into  a series of eloquent physical contortions”.
Dublin Dance Festival 2015