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A musical mosaic of the most exciting and terrifying times of our lives’

‘Always and Totally Forever is a devised musical about teenagers. It’s a lament for what’s gone and a chaotic celebration of what’s to come.’

‘We want an audience to feel the heightened emotions of teenagers:  lust, confusion and excitement first-hand. The music for the show will borrow everything from R&B to rave and J-pop.’

Sam Halmarack, Dan Canham and Olivia Winteringham started working together in 2015 with young people to create ‘a bewildering mosaic of the most exciting and terrifying times of our lives’ . Sam then went onto develop it more in 2016 with myself ( dancer/choreographer), Video artist Madison Bycroft, Olivia and himself. We spent 4 weeks over the summer collecting and collating ideas. Working with two young people as our lead roles. One a performer, the other, not. So together we became an eclectic mix of individuals, in one room, with free reign to delve into the world of teenage hood.

Over the course of 4 weeks we also spent 2 of the weeks working with a group of fantastic young performers who became a vital part to our team. After researching and’ gathering together a montage of bizarre yet wonderful scenes , we took it the stage at ‘Latitude Festival ‘ and then to The Bristol Old Vic for its infamous ferment nights.

The process continues into 2017 and the future looks bright for the making of ‘Always and Totally Forever’