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‘ Beyond the Body’ is a culmination of extensive research into areas such as subtle energies, mysticism and extra sensory perception unfolds on a white stage amongst the shifting light of two projectors.

The dancers movement ranges from meditative to the explosive. Entwining and wrapping around one another as the story unveils itself. All performed live with a hypnotic multi- layered soundscape by band ‘Eyebrow’


‘….There is clearly more than meets the eye in Beyond the Body; the creators and dancers have entered this inside-out creativity and produced a work that opens up new ground. It is based on the dancers — their spiritual and physical well being — rather than on building up a formal performance. It is thus a work about the process, and if on the way it becomes a tad self-conscious there is also at times a powerful symbiosis between concept, movement and lighting that makes the creative journey rich and fruitful’

‘…..Råmon built into the creative process a seven-week preparatory period for the dancers prior to the production period in order, as she writes in the program, ‘to improve (the dancers’) physical potential in the creative process and to reduce the risk of injury.’ Apart from working as a choreographer, Råmon is a consultant in dance science and a cranial-sacral therapist, both of which inform this caring and holistic approach to resolving the challenge of bringing freelance dancers together for a short burst of creativity, and it shows. Each dancer brings his or her exceptional qualities to the stage, but the harmony of their interaction in Råmon’s choreography is tangible’

From ‘Writing About Dance’