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In December 2015, I ventured to Paris to dance in a music video. The band are called ‘Sparky In The clouds’ and they are two beautiful British sisters who formed a band , moved to France and have recently been signed to a recording studio in Paris. They are also two very dear friends. The video is for their debut single “Underneath”. Take a peak.

Choreographed by Bryony Perkins and Lee Davern

Additional choreography: the dancers and Thomas Goodwin

Rehearsal director: Lee Davern

Dancers: Fionn Cox-Davies, Lee Davern, Carl Harrison, Bryony Perkins, Miranda Perkins, Gregoire Puren, Tilly Webber and Solene Weinachter

Makeup artist: Flore Chandès (assisted by Manuela Cordero)

Produced by Zamora Label
Promotion : Music Media Consulting – Cocto (