Along with performing I try to engage in as much teaching as I can. Through out my career I have taught in various settings. From teaching company class, to workshop leading and to all different ages. I have led auditions for directors and choreographers in Germany and the U.K . Teaching is a crucial part to my developing practice and am constantly thriving of the challenges that it brings.


My classes come from a variety of techniques studied over the years. I focus on exploring our musicality, breath whilst moving and using clear intentions of the body, in order for us to explore how we can be articulate and find control within that. To warm the body, I start with a variety of improvisation games and ways to bring the group together. Taking time for each individual to explore there body, see where it is at that day but also engaging , opening to one another. After a deep exploration I will then draw on more structured phrases that will have you moving gently through the space and generating an efficiency within your body. Following this it will move into more fast paced, dynamic phrases that will have you flying through the space. My aim is to find a deep sense of being grounded, a sense of play and really exploring your individuality as a mover.

Bath Spa University project // ‘Museum of Bath at Work’

In November 2016 I was asked to join Adrienne from Neon to assist choreograph with Bath Spa University students. Here, she was commissioned to make a site specific in the magical ‘Museum of Bath at Work’. The audience weaved and swayed through the museum as the students performed in the spaces they had reflected and created in all week. The collaboration involved lighting designer Stuart Bailes and composer Sebastian Reynolds.

My role was to help guide and support the students through their process. Giving advice on their choreographic choices and understanding the space. This is something I truly enjoy doing. To see the development within students and what the final product is at the end. How they have grown and how you can create a relationship as a team.